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What Is Samsung Gold Galaxy S4?

Technozan Author Staff October 2, 2013

Yes, it is a fact that Samsung is becoming master of this technology industry day by day and their success if quite and rather evident! Samsung is one of those giants and brands in this technological and global world that are giving competition to HTC, Sony, LG, Apple, Dell, HP and many more! They are in the race now, they are the market leaders now and they have now enough amount cash to retain their market share in this competitive market. They have always focused on the opportunities by maintaining the efficiency and sales of their existing product lines. Product development is the main and primary mission, what they think is to amend, innovate or die! According to them, if you are not growing then you are dying so yes Samsung is growing day by day!

What Is Samsung Gold Galaxy S4?

What Is Samsung Gold Galaxy S4

If we talk about their Samsung Gold Galaxy S4 then it will sooner or later be launched in near future. From the sources, we came to know that they will be showcasing and revealing two Samsung Gold Galaxy S4 smart phones and this smart phone will be available in 3 colors. The back cover and side linings are made up of gold colored Polycarbonate and the front screen will be in wood brown or light pink color range.

As we all know that iPhone 5S is available worldwide! It is available globally but Samsung Gold Galaxy S4 will not be having same case. It will only be available and present in specific markets some of the specific and particular markets are United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Gold Galaxy S4 has a limited volume and it will also be available at some discounted price rate after some time span. There has been this notion that Samsung copy designs from Apple and now it has been claimed that they have again copied the idea of launching this smart phone in the royal color. But according to Samsung, they had announced the releasing and revealing date of Samsung Gold Galaxy S4 before the launching of iPhone 5S.It has been viewed that some of the tech-Gurus said that Samsung is only making use of cheap attention gaining techniques and tactics.

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the top selling Android Smart phones. It has remarkable features, applications and technology and we can also say that it did give competition to iPhone 5S. Now we have Samsung Gold Galaxy S4! Let us all see that whether Samsung Gold Galaxy S4 will be hitting the markets in a positive way? Will it break all the records?

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