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What Home Security Weaknesses Can Alarm Gadgets Help You Overcome?

Technozan Staff May 25, 2013

Just about every home has some security weaknesses which burglars could exploit. It may sound a bit scary to put it like that but the sooner you face up to the truth the sooner you can look to make some changes and add some gadgets which will make you feel more secure.

No Big Dog

One of the simplest ways to keep your home safe is to buy a big, scary dog. Of course, not everyone wants to have a fierce looking pooch in their house and many of us feel that we don’t have the time needed to look after one either.

In this case, a clever move is to get a barking dog alarm. You can find these online from as little as £20 and they do a decent job. They work by barking loudly and fairly scarily whenever they detect movement near to them. They obviously won’t give you full coverage of the whole house but having one protecting your front door might help you sleep a little more easily.

No Visible Deterrent

Thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets to take advantage of. If they see that your house has no visible deterrents on it but that the neighbouring ones do then the chances are that your house will be of great interest to them.


The best burglar deterrents are alarms and CCTV systems. The good news is that neither of these things is going to cost you a lot of money to buy and maintain. However, if you need to save up for a couple of months then perhaps you will get a fake alarm or CCTV camera to put thieves off in the meantime. These can cost you less than £10 each and might be enough to make any potential thieves in the area think twice when they see it.

No one At Home

Perhaps the biggest possible risk to your property is if you leave it empty for a long time each day. This is a common problem these days, with so many families now having everyone in the house going out to work or study every day.

Probably the best solution in this case is to look at the alarm gadgets which the likes of ADT and other top firms offer. These are a complement to your alarm service and often come in the form of an app for a smartphone or tablet. You can pick up many of them for free and use them to control your alarm system and even your house lights from wherever you are.  With one of these gadgets you will feel a lot more protected and in control of your home security when you are away from your house.

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