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What happens to old Apple models when we don’t want them?

Technozan Staff March 14, 2013

What happens to old Apple models when we don’t want them?

Apple products are, to put it simply, always in high demand. Whether it’s the iPhone, iPod or iPad, the various Apple gadgets and technology out there ensure that there is a high turnover of new gadgets.

The result of this is that the average Apple product has a short shelf-life, with many of these devices getting new iterations on an annual basis. The iPhone, for instance, only came out 6 years ago and is already on the same number of generations. Similarly, short shelf-lives exist for the other Apple devices.

Used goods

This, of course, leaves a problem. As people purchase all the new technology, what happens to the old gadgets? These often become unused, unwanted and, in some cases, unnoticed. Many of these sit in homes collecting dust or not being used, overshadowed by the newer generation.

Yet there is always potential, even in an out of date model. If you sell an ipod, iPhone or other devices to the right people, you can breathe new life into an older model. Technology always has its uses and values, even if it’s not in the way you were originally thinking.


Selling to recycling

Technology recycling is a big business in today’s world. There’s an ever growing need to be energy efficient and protective of the environment. A major result of this is that you can sell your old gadgets to this cause. This means all unwanted Apple models can be passed and sold along, where they will be put to good use once more.

Furthermore, the needs and uses recycling have on devices is not the same that other businesses place on them. As such, being an older generation isn’t a problem. Recycling values the physical aspects of the device, not the technological specifications. As such, it’s your best bet to get a fair price on an unwanted product that would otherwise take up space.


Why recycle?

The reasons why recycling these devices is so important, and the reason why you can are given money for your efforts, are one and the same.

In short, it’s the physical materials that exist within these devices that make them worthwhile. The average circuit board is made of various precious metals, such as gold, zinc and copper. These serve a variety of purposes; some are strong, others conduct electricity, but all have a value and use.

Yet these materials are also hard, expensive and costly to mine. As such, it only makes sense to re-use them from discarded goods. Don’t forget that the modern Apple models share the same materials with older models. The designs may change, but the components are virtually the same.

Additionally, recycling keeps these devices clear of landfills, where they only add to the world’s problems. Materials such as plastic and the aforementioned metals are often long-lasting; they would only sit in the landfill and take up space. As an added problem, some of the components in modern electronics, such as the chemicals found in cables and batteries, can cause damage to the surrounding environment if they leak underground.

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This is a guest post from Music Magpie. If you’re looking to update your Apple products then you could sell ipod, iPhone and iPod units using their quick and easy recycling service.

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