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What are the latest big apps to be released?

extra October 10, 2012

There are hundreds of apps released every week. Some of them are just updates to previous versions and some are completely brand new. Whatever it is that you are looking for or need to accomplish with your mobile device there is an app that can help you with whatever it is you are trying to achieve. As technology increases and grows in scope and structure so too does the software that powers it and the software that we run. The latest mobile phones from shops like Phones 4 U are usually bundled with lots of different apps that will do everything you need so that you can get started making the most of your device straight out of the box.

What are the latest big apps to be released?

What are the latest big apps to be released?

Some apps are updated frequently and regularly. Navigation apps like TomTom -although pricey – are the most dedicated satellite system that you will ever need. They are updated with new information about roads, adjustments and additions to road layout and you can even update the app with different voices allowing you to personalise your direction-giving assistant.

News apps tend to stay fairly well up to date. They do not require hefty downloads but are more likely to have certain sections load every single time you load the app. Much like your email inbox checks to make sure you have no incoming mail on regular basis apps like BBC News make sure that you have been given the most up to date information possible when you open it.

As technology gets more and more advanced it is easy to see that the potential for apps grows too. In the next few years we might even see apps that will make running your house even easier using wireless technology to turn on appliances ready for when you arrive home.

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