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How to Update your Facebook Status as Your Own Name (Sunday Tips)

Technozan Staff December 23, 2012

Here is a best this weak Sunday tip how to update your status as your own name for example if you post something on your wall but you want to update to show it more impressive for example This person posted this 12 hours go Via Technozan so this Technozan name is an app that allow to post as our own name.

update facebook status as your own name

So i use technozan because my blog name is Technozan

So Getting Start with it.

Step  1 >> You have to create your own Facebook App or Develop Facebook app don’t worry it is not any hard application it is simple and free application I posted a Tutorial about it since a year ago So here is How to Create Free Simple Facebook Application

Step 2 >> Once you Created your Application Get your AppID from facebook app developer page.

Copy this Code and paste it to Browser address bar and be sure your replaced your app id with this app id and url to any of your url which you added while making app. Once you done press enter you will redirect to a page where you can update a status.

Post as your own Name

I hope you got it and like it if feel any trouble feel free to leave your feedback.

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