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Top5 Free Tools to Increase Game Speed – Boost Games Speed Fast

Umar Satti August 19, 2012

Gaming Speed is the main issue with the gamers now a days, Every day there is a new game out in the market that requires high hardware to run it smoothly. This is it not possible for you to increase your Gaming hardware frequently so the option your are left with is increase your game speed with some tools without spending hundreds of dollars on hardware. As Windows is the most common operating system and it isn’t optimized for gaming experience so you have a option to enhance you operating system for better gaming experience .Game speed optimizing software’s, I am sharing Top 5 Tools to Increase Games Speed.

Top5 Free Tools to Increase Game Speed fast :

  1. GameGain 2.7.23

Gamegain is best PC gaming optimization software.Gamegain instantly maximizes performance of your computer performance and makes each bit of your computer useful to run games.With the use of Gamegain you will notice that with this tools increases you frames per second,smooth gaming action and less lag during play,Gamegain makes several registries in Windows that enhances your system hardware allowing you to play latest games without upgrading your hardware.With Gamegain optimize your computer hardware to the extreme, allowing you to get the best performance possible for these games without sacrificing graphics fidelity.

2.Game Booster 2

The Game Booster 2 works on principle of driver management,It takes care of you drivers associated with gaming in every possible way.It builds a list of installed drivers and keeps them updating and notifies you when a update is needed.It has a Gaming Mode feature with which you can turn off all of the background programs and and turn on them when Gaming mode is off.It tweaks the registry section and improves performance of your computer,it improves load time and network enhancements for better gaming.After using Game Booster 2 i realized that it just increased my gaming speed up to 25%.

3.PC Speeduper 3.2.3

You often notice that your PC doesn’t runs smooth for games than Pc Speedup is the perfect solution for you.Pc Speeduper allocates high portions of your CPU storage to enhance your computer performance.Boost your system performance remarkably. It is very easy to use .It monitors disk clutter,RAM and CPU cleans them and optimize them.Pc Speedup connects with your hard drive and read upto 300% faster data than normal and these all enhancements tend to increase your game speed.

4.Game Thrust 1.9.12

Game Thrust is a game speed increasing tool that helps you to modify your computer settings to increase your gaming and internet speed performance.Without modifications in your hardware feel the change.In this tool you can adjust all settings in a easy way it is designed in such a way that even a child can use it.Now its a end to frame rate glitches or slows down during offline or online gaming with Game Thrust.Beside improving game speed it also fixes your game crashing errors and also enhances overall computers performance.Speed up your Windows and your Internet connection for better gaming fun with Game Thrust tool.

5.Dr.Salman’s Window Power Tools 5.0

Convert your PC speed to Sky Rocket speed,boost your performance,increase and optimize your RAM and increase performance up to 300%.This tools enhances your windows GUI to make it run faster.I works on each way to speed your pc .It reduces window crashes up to 90% ,monitors memory and recovers precious RAM of your System which results in increase in gaming speed.

If you are facing some real issues with your gaming speed try these tools to enhance your gaming speed and do not forget to share your experience with us.

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