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Top5 Chrome Extensions to Take Screenshots

Umar Satti August 18, 2012

Screenshot is a important piece of data that can resolve your problems and explain the situation. Can provide you a solution to your issue.In most cases you have to point some one out about the issue and screen shot is the best thing that the others can understand in a one go. Chrome is the fastest and convenient web browser ,so if you have a Chrome in you PC than its easy for you to take screenshots top 5 Chrome Extension to Take Screenshots are listed below.

1.Webpage Screenshot

Google Chrome Extension to Take Screenshot of any web page

Google Chrome Extension to Take Screenshot of any web page

Fast and Simple Chrome extension to capture screenshot.With one click capture a whole web in a single click.This Chrome extension captures screenshot and saves it in a PNG/JPEG image format.


This is the Only Chrome Screenshot extension takes shots of video,flash and java apps.It saves all your screenshots in PNG image format plus it has a upload option that gives you a short link and you can search similar images in Google with this extension.

3.Screen Capture

It is a very good and fast extension to capture the required data,you have a option to select and capture a specific region of webpage,or copy whole webpage in PNG image file.Moreover you can edit your screenshot highlight it ,redact and add text to it.


This screenshot extension allows you to capture visible content on a webpage,a specific region,or full page and saves it to PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG or BMP File what you select.Image file you can edit you screenshot before saving them.

5.Pixlr Grabber

Create screen capture of visible part, selected area or whole page then you can edit them in pixlr editor or share them to public

Now easily capture your screenshots with these Chrome screenshot extensions and share your or ask whatever you want to the world in a very easy and convenient way

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  1. Hi Brother, you are a amazing blogger and post very awesome posts on your blog. Since 1 week I am searching for extensions for chrome to take screenshots but could not found any good result.
    But on your blog I find this information. Thanks brother for nice posting.


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