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Top3 Android Talking Apps for Android

Technozan Staff October 19, 2012

If earlier we could only dream about talking watches, today mobile gadget can not only tell you the exact time, but also speak to you almost like a real person. The best examples are Siri and Google Voice. But these are assistants, and not entertaining programs. If you want to raise your mood, there’re special apps that will lift up your spirits.

 The first such app was about talking cat Tom. There were a couple of similar apps that followed it, but I can’t say that these followers were of good quality. But today I’d like to present 3 good apps of high quality that will certainly entertain you.

Talking Tom Cat 2

Top3 Android Talking Apps for Android

Top3 Android Talking Apps for Android

The first thing you’ll hear after installing this app is loud and satisfied purring. I think most of you remember such popular game as Tamagochi. Tom is something like it, only it runs on Android. In the second part Tom has moved to apartments. Tom is your virtual pet and will repeat everything you say in a funny voice. You may stroke tom on the head and belly making him purr. Those you wants thing to be real may pull his tail. The cat will react accordingly by spitting and trying to scratch you. Also Tom has a neighbor, funny puppy Ben, which terrorizes Tom. You may blow up a paper bag and burst it in order to see how it will scare Tom. The developers say it’s funny.

You can make videos about Tom and share them on YouTube or Facebook, or send them via email or MMS. Actually, the app is intended for children, but if you need a pet, this app is for you as well.

Note: after first launch of the app you will need to download additional 3-28Mb to get better graphic quality for your device.

Talking Santa meets Ginger

Top3 Android Talking Apps for Android

Top3 Android Talking Apps for Android

Tom Cat decided to buy some presents for the Christmas and took his little red friend with him. And while Tom does the shopping, his friend occupied Santa’s knees. Poor Santa Claus doesn’t even suspect what’s coming next.

You may talk to Santa, and Santa will repeat everything to a Red cat. And Red cat in its turn will think how to annoy Santa. If you press “Fire” button, Red cat will set the Santa’s hat on fire. After pressing “Cat’s paw” button you’ll see how Red cat tries to reach Santa’s nose with its paw or tries to take off Santa’s beard. And if you press “Present” button, then Santa Claus will get a present that will later on explode. Sounds violent but it’s funny.

As well as in Talking Tom Cat you may record videos and share them on Facebook and YouTube or send them via email or MMS.

Talking Tom & Ben News Free

Top3 Android Talking Apps for Android

Top3 Android Talking Apps for Android

Talking cats and dogs are becoming an inseparable part of our life. Can the developers pass by such a phenomenon? Surely not. And they placed the animal behind the table and gave them microphones.

You have a unique opportunity to become a newsmaker as Tom and Ben will tell whatever you tell them. Again, you can record everything and share it. Apart from that, you may upload your oown video into the app or chose one of the pre-recorded videos. As soon as the video is uploaded, Tom and Ben will begin commenting it. Also, the developers offer you not only to show your talents, but also pet the animals, stir them against each other so that they will joke and tease.

Before the first launch of the app you’ll need to download additional 4-15 Mb in order your graphics to be great.


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