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Top 5 Racing Games of XBOX 360 in 2013

Rauf Arshad May 1, 2013



Xbox is the leading platform in gaming and there are many new games they have introduced from 2012-2013 but the most games they have introduced is in the world of Speed racing. Here we  will introduced you some of the best games from XBOX 360 you may chose one if you have not played it yet.

There are rumours that Need 4 Speed Six and  Forza Motorsport 5 are being coming sooner to the Xbox 360 lets see when these games will arrived to the platform .

The List of the 5 Top Racing games of Xbox 360 : As Follows.

Forza Motorsport 5 : Total Unleshed Racing Expirenced

Xbox Racing

This game features one of the best graphics and totally our standing to the tracks , that has been built in the game , the game has some of the top class series cars , you have to unlock some cars by winning the races one by one . The games has 8.5 stars and when it comes to the market it hits totally and take over the other games .

You can have also the lifts of the racing of 80s cars series , 60 cars series , the game was one of the most dominated due to its gameplay feature and easy controls.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles 

Midnight Club Los Angeles Racing game of xbox

Well if talk about the racing in Xbox Series then Definatly another game comes to the mind Midnight Club , when Midnight Club release to the computer it hits all over the world and mostly ranked higher but its Maker chose the platform for Xbox 360 they have improved the game as well as its racing style so more people connected to this amazing racing , there are bikes , cars you can earn rewards a complete different racing portal on the Roads of LA .

They game has got 8 stars out 10 but still featured one of the top classic and important racing games. its an open racing game on the roads where you have full controll of the car . Just check two of the Vehicular one is the Grand Turismo car while the other is Heavy Bike , Hayabusa .

Need for Speed: Most Wanted – A Criterion Game

Need for Speed Most Wanted - A Criterion Game racing game

Need for speed has send their latest version of the Most Wanted it was not that sucessfull that the early one but the game features one of the best cares in the Skyline GTR , Mercedes , Meclearn , Bughatti and other top cars also be the part. We may miss some names but one care is limited edition BMW , the care with upgrades and fully tifted with gears and tints , vinyl’s and spoliers the one big car in the game which you have to earn back by winning races .

Complete races as the tasked were asked , Police plays there part they never let u app in an good way to the street but you have to made the way your self boost up the care with Turbo and Nos gas.

DiRT 3 : A Rally Racing Ultimate Game

Top 4 Racing Games of XBOX 360

The change of the gameplan of the DiRT 2 makers they have decided to send a game with latest racing features and they have conclude their mistakes from the Dirt2 and introduce dirt three where Pickups , Rally Cars , and some of the best suspension cars become the part of racing you just need to win the races , you player will take part in the different events .

There are new tracks and different cost of Turns and turfs you have to take over the opponents in each event there is one best racer whom you have to defeat in the trophy session you can get the Trophy and as well as the pink slip to get any of your opponent car the games sites provide 9 stars out 10 to this game due to its relastic gameplay.

Trials Evolution : A Stunt Bike Racing Game

Top 5 Racing Games of XBOX 360

Here is what you have to do in the game that you have to control the bikes from the difficult turn outs from left to right you have to stunt the bike from 1 place to another but there is always some different task that you must performed other wise your rider focus will lose .

The game has not got too much popularity but still a hit in the Bike games , 6 stars given to this game but it manage to handle the position number 5 in our list.

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