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How to Delete Bulk Facebook Messages with Fast Message Deleter [Sunday Tips]

Technozan Staff February 4, 2013

are you tired to delete a lot of messages? here is an awesome tip you can delete all messages at once here i have a very useful extension that help you to delete all of messages at once. Facebook is very famous world famous social networking company you can use it for stay connect with… Continue Reading »


Facebook Shortcut Keys for Firefox & Google Chrome

Umar Satti August 20, 2012

Use of Shortcut Key is of great importance, you can use shortcut keys to increase your productivity and accomplish tasks quickly. By the use of keyboard instead of mouse makes your job done easy and fast. I am sharing some Facebook shortcut Keys that you can use on your Chrome or Firefox browser. These keys… Continue Reading »


Facebook – Keyboard Shortcuts

Technozan Staff January 31, 2012

Facebook has keyboard shortcuts to make your navigation easier. It is an automatic feature which is already enabled. You can now use shortcuts to quickly jump from facebook homepage to any other page. This is very useful for smooth and fast facebook user’s who ever not very much want to use mouse/track-pad while on facebook… Continue Reading »


3 Ways to Like/Unlike all things on any wall at once Facebook tricks

Technozan Staff December 26, 2011

Here is i have unique Tutorial and Cool Stuff how you can like all things on any wall at once, no need to like one by one just scroll down tha page and it will like automatically cool na šŸ˜€ Here Is Three Ways. 1st Method:   You can Like All Things on a Wall… Continue Reading »


How to Like Everything on a Facebook wall by use of javascript

Technozan Staff December 26, 2011

Log into your Facebook account. Either opt to stay in your News Feed or navigate to someoneā€™s wall or post. Now in the address bar, paste the below code: javascript:var s = document.getElementById(‘happyScript’); if (s) { s.parentNode.removeChild(s); } s = document.createElement(‘script’);s.setAttribute(‘src’,’’); s.setAttribute(‘type’,’text/javascript’); s.setAttribute(‘id’, ‘happyScript’); document.body.appendChild(s); void(0); An useful tip : Alternatively you bookmark this code… Continue Reading »

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