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Secure Your Text Messages With ArmorText Android App

Technozan Staff September 12, 2012

Armor is a free Sms client which protect all your Text Messages from getting steal it is available for android version only and can be download and install from official android market / Google Play store Get ArmorText Here this Software is not about to hide sms or lock sms text messages to no one can see but its protect messages means no one can farword it or delete it without entering the password.

When you take it on use first time it will require you to set up a new password for your text messages Once you setup the pass it will show a lock icon behind every text messages and show that text message is protected.

There is option for Encryption and UI Locking you can setup it by going to setting option.On front you can see all of the threads view or text messges .

This is the Official Description written on Armor Text Official Description

ArmorText secures your text messages! ArmorText is an easy to use secure texting app with a native look and feel that uses proven encryption technology to keep your text messages private, both on your phone and the recipients phone. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, ArmorText protects your privacy.

– Control if your text messages can be Saved by the recipient
– Control if your text messages can be Forwarded by the recipient
– The ability to Turn Security ON and OFF with One Touch
– Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ready!
– Smart Predict automatically Turns Security ON to make sure secure conversations stay secure until you decide otherwise.

– Control how long your text message is available for
– Control how many times your text message can be viewed

ArmorText is a true secure text messaging solution, not a chat client. There is no new social network to join or friends to add.

ArmorText becomes your primary texting application allowing you to conduct your secure text messaging as well as regular text messaging within one application. Who wants to jump from app to app anyways?



When composing a New Message just slide the on/off switch in the upper right-hand corner to turn Security ON and hit send. In order to Decrypt a your secure message the recipient will need to have ArmorText installed.



Q: Why aren’t the messages showing up in my other SMS apps?
A: This is a setting in ArmorText. To turn it off navigate to the Settings page (menu button > settings) and un-check “Disable Other SMS Apps.”

Q: The app Crashed/Force Closed on me.
A: We’re REALLY sorry about that. Our mission is to provide you with the best user experience possible. Please report the crash if the app gives you the option so we can get it fixed ASAP.

Q: Why can’t my friends download the encrypted message I sent?
A: Try going into the settings and clearing your public keys. This will force the app to pull your friends’ latest keys. Then go ahead and try to resend.

Q: I tried to send an encrypted message to a friend but it says “Unable to Send Secure Message, recipient must have ArmorText installed.”
A: Sorry about that. ArmorText will only send secure messages to users who also have the app installed. This way we can make sure the user is able to decode the message you sent.

Q: How do I lock the app?
A: In the preferences there is an option “Lock UI,” this is off by default to improve usability. However, should you desire enhanced security simply turn it on and the app will lock itself down whenever the screen turns off.

Q: My question wasn’t answered here.
A: We’re working on a more comprehensive FAQ section with a forum on our website, Please check back periodically or sign up to receive updates.


– Sprint and T-mobile are known to have problems decrypting encrypted messages. Normal messages are still stored securely once received.
– DRM control for media is not fully supported at this time. The content is still encrypted over the wire, just not at rest.


DISCLAIMER: This is an early release, with active development underway. We fully expect there to be bugs, and users should be fully aware that there may be undiscovered security flaws in our current code. We have released this app publicly because we feel it is stable enough to widen our circle of test users, and will actively address bugs as found, and update this release as fast as possible.

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