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How to Save Clipboard Data as any File Extension – Winodws Tips

Technozan Staff September 18, 2012

Whenever you copy a file from anywhere like you copy a jpg image file from any drive and paste it to desktop it will be copied as same format automatically. If image than image, if text document then document.

Many of peoples want to convert it to another extension or want it to save another extension so what to do? Here I will share an awesome trick with you so you can make it better and save your file type to any extension from clipboard. It is like converter if you want to save txt file as word document you can save it if jpg to Icon or gif or png you can quickly and easily without uploading online.

What is Clipboard?

Whenever you click on copy any txt or press ctrl+C on chossing any file that file go to a place where it’s save until you don’t paste it or don’t copy another file that place is called clipboard there is a lot of tricks for clipboard. You can search in over site.

What is PasteFileAs tool?

PasteFileAs is an external windows tool or Application which one let you send files to clipboard and save every file to any kind of extension after it’s up to you how you open that files.

How to do a step by step Guidance

Step 1 >> Download the tool PasteFileAs extract it into your computer hard drive and install the setup file and refresh your desktop.

Step 2 >> Copy any Text from any web or any txt document. And right click on desktop you can see a option for PasteFileAs.

Step 3 >> when you click on Paste As File it will show up a new dialogue box enter file name and enter extension TLD or name then press ok that is all you have done it.


Download PasteFileAs Tool  or Visi Official Website of Software Developer here

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