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Nikon Announces New Digital Camera With Android Operating System – Nikon Coolpix S800c

mlamardo August 23, 2012

The Japanese company Nikon made some big waves this week with the introduction of Coolpix S800c, an Android-powered camera that is backed up with several features. This is an unusual move for a camera company to incorporate an open-source system like Android to perform one function – take photos. Even more so, how often is it that you seen a camera that isn’t synonymous with a smart phone anymore?

The move by Nokia looks to be part of the ever-growing movement of entertainments medium once meant for a single function now using Android .


Nikon Android Camera

Nikon Android Camera

But going back to the camera, it should be known that the S800c is integrated with Android 2.3 – otherwise known as the “Gingerbread” version. For Jellybean to be part of the camera would probably not be necessary given the needed functions for the camera to successfully perform. However, that doesn’t mean that the S800c is behind in anyway, it just does exactly what you’d want it to do, and that’s to take pictures.

Having Android power the camera, no matter which version, is what really makes the camera exciting in itself as Mario Aguilar from Gizmodo states in his article. Without Android backing the camera up, there’s apparently nothing really that special about it.

Some of the other S800c include, according to various sources:

– 4 gigs of app storage

– 10x zoom lens


– 3.5 inch OLED touchscreen monitor

– Backside CMOS sensors

So yeah, pretty cool stuff I must say – cool enough at least to earn its modernity. PCWorld says that the move to incorporate Android with the S800c is not let single-function camera disappear from the market forever – a reason that anyone probably could have figured out. Nikon actually is not the only company to roll with Android incorporation.

Polaroid has done the same thing with their sc1630 camera that debuted in January of this year. It’s a noble effort that will hopefully give companies such as these a long-standing chance in their market. With smartphones taking the lead for photo taking and sharing, it’s a tough match to go against.

The S800c will be available for purchase in September for $350 almost everywhere. On top of that, two other cameras will be made available as well, but with no mention of the Android incorporation. These include the S01 and the P7700.

Of a significant note is the S01, which is a remarkable camera mostly noted for its extremely condensed size,  which according to USA Today is at a WxHxD of 3.1″x2.1″x0.7″ respectively and a weight of just 3.4 ounces. The other phone, P7700 is the most expensive of the three at $500, and once again, no sources have said anything about it including Android.

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