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Maximise Blog Loading Time with Maxcdn

Technozan Staff July 24, 2013

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) can simply be defined as a network consisting of servers located around the world. The main aim of using a CDN is to provide website content to the site visitor as faster as possible.

MaxCDN is considered as a static file serving, low threshold and one of the biggest content delivery network (CDN).The sole purpose of using MaxCDN is acceleration of your website and decrement in server load. It also has the ability to get integrated with WordPress without any trouble. This is the main reason it is regarded as the best for static website owners.

Reason to Use MaxCDN:


MaxCDN provides a powerful content delivery network (CDN) so that your website always remains updated and quickly accessible twenty four hours a day. We know that there exist a connection between the website host location and the site visitor location and the longer the distance between these locations gets, the longer it takes to load the website and its contents. So, in order to provide a fast and quick browsing of your site around the world you will need a lot of servers at different places across the world. This is the main thing that MaxCDN provides. MaxCDN network of servers is located in more than 90 countries which could be the key reason that a website owner should go for this.

How MaxCDN works:

It starts by taking your website’s static contents which include images, java script files and style sheets onto their own network of servers. For most of the contents management tools, it has plug-ins, which also helps in its simple and easier installation. Installation of MaxCDN only takes around five to six minutes, and once it is installed site you can configure it in a way you want for your site. Once this all process is finished, the site visitors can enjoy the faster and quicker speed of your website.

MaxCDN provides a dashboard after it is installed, so that you can manage your site and account without any problem. All the important statistics of your website are provided on the dashboard and you can also monitor the traffic to your site as well as check the data usage information using MaxCDN.

Benefits of using MaxCDN:

Best Service for Site Users:

Now days every site visitor only wants a to visit the sites which can be quickly accessed , if your website is not on that level then it could cause a drop-out in your site’s rating. Using MaxCDN could help you in achieving this fast and quick service for site users.

Upgraded SEO Rankings:

Google, Bing and Other major search engines only consider a fast loading website in better rankings when they are searched. So, if your website page loading is slower then search engines will also not consider it in better ratings, use of MaxCDN help you in avoiding this situation for your site as it servers are located around the world.

Decreased Usage of Bandwidth:

Since MaxCDN servers network provide all the static contents of a site by using their own servers around the world rather than the website host server, so it also helps in reducing the bandwidth and helps in offloading of server load.

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