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Main Tips To Save Battery While Running iOS7 On iPhone

Technozan Author Staff October 3, 2013

As we all know that just newly Apple has arrived with the explosive launch of their Apple Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C. But along with these two devices it has also been loaded with the Ios 7 that is extremely impressing every single user and developer as well. But as being stylish and much attractive looking it is even filled with one flaw as well that is connected with the battery life time period. It normally allows the battery to get slow down very quickly. Now the main question is that how we can we save the battery power while using the Ios 7 on Iphone.

Main Tips To Save Battery While Running iOS7 On iPhone

Main Tips To Save Battery While Running iOS7 On iPhone

In this article we will going to mention out with some of the best 7 tips for the sake of saving the battery while running the Ios 7 on your Iphone.

TIP NO 1: Our first tip is connected with the brightness of the Iphone. You should slow down the brightness of the Iphone to low level or even at auto-brightness. In this way the battery that is consumed for the brightness will be saved.

TIP NO 2: Just turn off the background applications. Make sure that all of your unused applications are turned off so that the battery used for running all such applications will be saved.

TIP NO 3: If you Iphone have been installed with Parallax then just turn it off. This will going to help the user to save the battery because a lot of battery is utilized for running this feature in Iphone.

TIP NO 4: Most of the Iphone users make the use of features such as Maps, Facebook and online shops etc for sake of finding friends and mates. If you want to save some amount of battery then you must turn them off as well.

TIP NO 5: Turn off or closer all the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any other additional connectivity options as well.

TIP NO 6: Just try to place as much less icons on the home screen of Iphone as possible. Just try to install out with such icons that are needed for managing the Iphone. Rest of the icons should either be uninstalled or it must be turned off.

TIP NO 7: Lastly turn off all the automatic updates as well that are irrelevant to used in Iphone. This will come across as quite helpful for the user to save the battery for running Ios 7 in Iphone.

On the whole, we can say that you should keep in mind the above written tips and suggestions so that you might be able to save your battery in a maximum way and manner.

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