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Lenovo IDEAPAD S2110 TABLET Review 10.1” Inch HD

Technozan Staff October 11, 2012

Lenovo is the most advance and famous country in the world who make technology base products as since many years but now in these days the season is most advance going tablets and smartphones most fast. so Lenovo has launches many tablets and smartphones and other products but now a very good tablet concept has been introduces by Lenovo a great tablet with a lot of most advance future specification as i posted before about Nokia Lumia 920 Review it has also most advance future technology like Wireless charging.

Lenvo Ideapad S2110-tablet review

Lenvo Ideapad S2110-tablet review

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[jbox color=”blue”]Faster & Advance[/jbox]

Lenovo IDEAPAD S2110 is the most advance and faster tablet machine in 2012 it has Qualcomm 1.50GHz Processor with 1MB Cache memory did you compared this machine with others? Even Samsung galaxy machines are 1GHZ or HTC Mobiles are 1GHZ but this tablet is an most advance. It has 1GB Dedicate Ram Memory that make faster performance and don’t intrupt apps it has more than 256k colors best choice for Gaming and playing apps on Tablet & Handset.

The Advance Operating System has installed in this tablet Android 4.1 Jelly bean that is more advanced OS by Android and it is avail to upgrade to upper version.

[jbox color=”blue”]Slim & Smart[/jbox]

Very slim and smart tablet it is very comfortable and perfect hand pinking. This is the most important part how you pick a tablet if a tablet is not comfortable your hand will tired after 10 minutes so you then you go for an alternate pouch and make some waste expenses blah blah. But Lanovo IDEAPAD S2110 has perfect piking and come comfort. Easy and more slim that can be adjust anywhere.

Lenvo Ideapad S2110-tablet review

Lenvo Ideapad S2110-tablet review

[jbox color=”blue”]Entertainment & Social Experience[/jbox]

Did You Enjoyed Social Experience? I hope you probably using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more other social networks for enhance your popularity and Promoting your business but you can make good experience and easily make promotion from mobile devices or handset, touch base social connecting make good conservation and stay connect peoples with each another. Lenovo Tablet has very great features and social apps buitin as default. That are for proper use and enhancing business etc.

[jbox color=”blue”]Display & Body[/jbox]

have you take a look of Microsoft surface tablet? how thin & slim is it. same like this one have bigger screen more than a 10.1 Inch High definition display this tablet has upto 256 k colors that perform games very fast and 16 Mega colors that show you beautiful lights.

Body is very thin and smart very light weight that increase the capacity of picking it on hand.

[jbox color=”blue”]More than Just a Tablet:[/jbox]

Official Description Slim and light as it is, the IdeaPAD S2110 is there for you wherever your Do takes you. When it’s time for more focused work, simply attach the lightweight docking station to enjoy enhanced PC functionality. The keyboard and touchpad make typing and general operations fast and comfortable, while USB and SD card ports make connecting to other devices a breeze. And the battery in the dock means you can be on the go for longer: It doubles the up to 10 hours the S2110 lasts on its own to a whopping 20 hours of battery life.

Lenvo Ideapad S2110-tablet review

Lenvo Ideapad S2110-tablet review

[jbox color=”yellow”]Specification[/jbox]

Camera 5.0 Main Camera & 1.3 Front Rear Camera for Video Calls
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060A Processor( 1.50GHz GHz 1MB)
OS Android 4.0 & Can be upgradable to upper versions
Battery 2 Cell Li-Polymer
Display / Body 10.1″ SD LED Glossy Multi-touch with integrated camera 1280×800
Network Card ThinkPad 11.b/g/n Wifi Wireless
Connectivity Edge Support GSM Support 3G & 4G Video Calling
Memory Storage
1.0GB Onboard LPDDR2 600 MHz / 64GB / 32GB



What do you think about prices is it expensive? No it is very affordable and cheap more than other tablets.

570 $ for 32GB & 550$ for 16GB

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