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How to Increase Exposure and Better Your SaaS Brand

Technozan Staff February 9, 2017

There’s a consensus that inbound marketing is the strategy to promoting your SaaS business online. From SEO to social media, email marketing, PPC, and visual content, these are perhaps the best tactics to boosting brand awareness, attracting qualified prospects, and getting people to use your product.

But with so many components to the digital marketing puzzle, it’s challenging to decide which techniques to focus on initially to create these results. Especially if you’re a startup, in the process of rebranding, or haven’t experienced real success with your SaaS marketing, trying to master the various strategies can be an overwhelming feat.

The good news is that there are simple, yet highly effective inbound ways to generating more exposure to your software product. Honing these four tactics will result in better brand awareness, website traffic, qualified leads, and thought-leadership.


#1 Bolster Your Business Blogging

Creating a thoughtful blogging strategy positions you as an expert in your software niche and increases brand visibility. In fact, 71% of business bloggers say their blog brought more exposure in their industries. Additionally, companies who blog regularly have 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not (Source: Search Engine Land).

Your blog is the best tool to educate your audience on the problems you solve as a SaaS business. What are the common issues your market experiences and how does your app serve as the solution? Think FAQs that come across your desk. Your business blog is the perfect platform to address these topics.

Here are several other ways to boost your business blogging:

  • Use blog content to share in your email campaigns
  • Give amazing value on social media promoting your blog articles
  • Optimize blog content to rank on search engines
  • Repurpose blog content into multiple forms to appeal on different marketing channels (i.e. videos, infographics, podcasts)

The key with generating results from your blogging is consistency and ensuring that your topics resonates with your target audience. Use an editorial calendar tool like CoSchedule to help you plan, organize, and schedule your content. This can help you maintain a regular blogging cadence to boost brand awareness.

Finally, leverage professionals at WorkMarket who’re able to assist you in the content creation process and publishing. If you don’t have the time to produce blog posts weekly, hire a content writer who can fulfill this piece in your strategy.


#2 Host Webinars 

Are you ready to significantly improve thought-leadership while effectively marketing your product that produces “right now” sales? Webinars are solid platforms that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your SaaS, delve deeper into content topics, and extend incredible value to your audience.

You see, this presentation-style broadcast is an incredible way to share the features and advantages of your product while allowing participants to see your software firsthand. By answering questions live, you boost engagement and connections with your audience, humanizing your brand. Finally, provide a chance for viewers to purchase at the end with the benefits they’ll gain from acting now.

But don’t just worry about presenting your brand or your product. Also consider giving market insights to your audience. OpenLink has done a phenomenal job of empowering their audience on the topics of treasury management and commodity procurement by creating videos that feature the thought leaders on their team.

McKay Allen, who previously hosted two webinars per week with his previous company, is looking to enhance the brand exposure of Ivanti as it transitions from LANDESK. Webinars will be a major piece of this initiative.

Keep in mind that webinars also serve as a lead generating machine. Each participant must register with their name and email before joining your broadcast. Simply promoting your upcoming webinar to your social channels can foster new leads every time.


#3 Tell Your List

You may have heard that email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources (Source: QuickSprout). Your list is your biggest fan base! Even with a small list, keep your subscribers in the know when it comes to the development and promotion of your SaaS. Share your blog posts and give the CTA by asking them to pass it along to their social networks.

One method to getting your list involved is to extend an exclusive 2-week free trial offer so prospects gain real-life experiences with your product. Send them a survey at the end of their trial to get feedback and reviews. These details can help you tweak and modify your tool so it aligns with your audience’s interest and needs.

Also, keep building your list. Using proper nurturing tactics is how you’ll convert prospects into buying customers. With 59% of B2B marketers saying that email is the most effective channel for generating revenue, it’s important that you leverage assets like your landing pages, web forms, and blog posts to keep growing your sales funnel.


#4 Build a Free Tool and Promote It

Another technique to capturing new leads and getting prospects experiencing your service is by creating a free tool. Consider apps like Moz’s Open Site Explorer, CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, and Hubspot’s Website Grader. They provide extreme value and are highly useful that their audience can leverage at no cost.

Free tools also foster positive experiences with your company, thus, increasing the chances of users doing business with you. Simply place CTA’s throughout your page to elicit more conversions as it relates to your main product or service.

Here’s how you can implement this tactic to boost lead generation.

  • What helpful tools could you create for your audience? Make your list and rank the ones that are the best opportunity for maximum growth
  • Think of ways on how you could build those tools. If you can’t create something in-house, consider outsourcing development. A tool that can two weeks to build can provide more subscribers for you than any of your other content. These types of results are worth the investment.
  • Brainstorm content ideas on a downloadable resource you can also give away that complements the tool to get them on your list

Now that you’ve built your tool, it’s time to promote it. Publish a how-to blog post that highlights the best way to use your app and the benefits it offers. Create an entire social media campaign around promoting your free tool, using your social media management tool like Nuvi to schedule posts and track engagement. Broadcast a live-streaming video to highlight the features and benefits.

These are just a few ways to get more eyeballs on your free tool.



These are the simple inbound marketing tactics that can exponentially increase brand awareness and exposure for your software business. Embrace two of the tips, test your results, and then ramp up from there. Monitor any feedback and what people are saying about your tool using apps like IntouchInsight that keeps you in-tuned with your audience. By staying consistent in your efforts, you’ll accurately measure what’s working.

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