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How to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Technozan Staff March 16, 2017

A computer is one of the most important tools in the workplace. Whether it’s a desktop or your own personal laptop, both of these are essential for success, especially the latter. Unlike a desktop, which is restricted to your office, you can carry your laptop wherever you go. Not to mention that even after business hours, you can still work directly from home. Although your work may require programs like remote security suites or end point management solutions. The problem with many computer owners, however, is that they find themselves having to buy a new laptop once every few years. For some people, it’s even once a year. First of all, there are several outside factors which contribute to this.

For example, many manufacturers rush through the development of laptops, which are often built with cheap hardware. Because of this, laptops are now having a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, just because this is the case, doesn’t mean there aren’t workarounds to this issue. After all, no one’s forcing you to buy a laptop with cheap hardware. It’s all about making smart decisions. Overall, what are some ways to maintain your computer’s performance, and even increase its lifespan? Here is what you need to consider.

#1. Check For Computer Viruses 

First of all, you should regularly check for viruses on your computer, some of which can affect your hard drive. You might be wondering why it’s necessary if your anti-virus software takes care of all that. Believe it or not, not all computer viruses are detectable. In fact, some are even built to remain undetectable to the average security program. This is why you should regularly do a thorough scan of your computer. A laptop that’s free of threats, is less likely to experience problems in the long run.

#2. Remove Clutter From Your Laptop

Another reason many have trouble maintaining their computer’s performance, is because of everything they’ve downloaded. Obviously, the more you download, the more space it takes up on your computer. In the long run, this will cause it to work much harder than it needs to. Speaking of which, when was the last time you cleaned your computer of any unneeded documents and files? Over the years, it begins to build up, which might cause your computer to run slower. By removing clutter and unnecessary downloads from your laptop on a regular basis, your computer will no doubt have a longer lifespan.

#3. Remove Programs at Startup

Another thing that can affect how well your computer performs, is the number of programs that run at startup. Not only does it cause your computer to run slower, but the problem is that most people don’t even pay attention to how many of these programs are running. They assume their slow computer might be an issue with a computer virus or their hard drive. The next time you start up your laptop, open up the Task Manager and see how many programs are running. For the ones which are useful, be sure to keep them running. However, if some programs aren’t in use and all they’re doing is taking up space, delete them.

#4. Buy the Right Computer

If you want to make the best of your computer’s performance, however, you need to buy the right computer as well. Going back to what I said earlier about cheap hardware, ensuring your laptop doesn’t fall under this, will definitely allow your computer to last a lot longer. Before making any sort of laptop purchase, always check reviews, and start making comparisons while narrowing down what computer is the best quality product.

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