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How to Use Android Mobile Camera As Pc WebCam – Use Any Android Device as PC WebCam

Technozan Staff September 15, 2012

How to use Android Mobile as PC Web Cam

I think many of peoples have not Web cam and many are using web cam for video chat but here I will show you how you can use android mobile camera as PC Web cam for make online video chats and calls.

Why you should use Android Mobile Camera? Why not separate Web cam.

Android mobiles have at least 5 to 12 Mega pixel cameras and if use other cams that only 2 MP cameras there is written many fake specs on camera but all are fake. A Good camera is for at least 50$ so why you don’t use android mobile phone if you have. Show better result with android mobile cameras.

Key Feature:

  • Free of Cost
  • Save money for Separate camera
  • Good Camera Result
  • No need for Light if need then On Night Mods
  • No Need Wire it will work on Wireless base.

[jbox color=”yellow”]Requirements[/jbox]

The Tool installed on Android Device & Pc Computer Both, Android Device must be have at least one camera. Once you installed Android Client and windows Client you will be able to use Android cam as PC web cam.

[jbox color=”yellow”]Configuration:[/jbox]

There are two ways to connect Android Client with PC 1st is Wifi and 2nd Is Bluetooth you can connect with both of wireless connectivity options. Well here I will show you a guidance how to connect with both of this.

[jbox color=”yellow”]Why Smart Cam Application?[/jbox]

There are a lot of applications like IPCam or other Webcam apps but that tools have not good features Smart Cam , smart Cam is free of cost and provide all options like brightness etc.

How its Works :

You can connect with wifi and bluetooth from wifi option you have to configure Ip and port option in android handset then connect it it will automatically connect to PC. and from Bluetooth it work very easy you can commonly set up the options i will show you connectivity with wifi.

How to do : here is the Example of Wifi

Step 1 >> Install Android Client and Windows Client which i given download Links under requirements box. Make sure application has been installed on both OS, first open Cmd Commond Prompt by startmenu “ipconfig /all” or “ipconfig” without quotes it will show you your Ip address. keep Open Command Prompt and follow step 2.

Step 2 >> Open Smartcam Client go to menu option >> Settings choose Connection Type is TCP/Ip/(Wifi) then again go to settings Remote Server and enter that IP or HostName which you found in CMD and press OK.

Step 3 >> Go to SmartCam Android App Main and menu then press connect option you will star began see into PC.

I Hope you like this article feel free to comment on the post and keep visiting blog.

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