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How-to Secure Facebook to login with Mobile Approval – Enable 2-Step Verification

Technozan Staff October 29, 2012

Enable two Step Verification for Facebook and Secure Facebook Account Forever This is best way to secure facebook account.

Facebook Brief Introduction

Facebook is very criteria and most useful social network in world. It allow you to stay connect with your favorite peoples and make conversations with peoples find your connections and promote business with Facebook.

[jbox color=”yellow”]Why Facebook Security[/jbox]

Facebook Security is most important security and peoples always trouble with Facebook passwords there is a lot of peoples who always compromise their passwords. Peoples guess normal user’s passwords easily so you should must read Top 10 Suggestions how to choose strong passwords. Once you read about making strong passwords may be you will get some skills about making secure Facebook. But it is not enough for Facebook security if you are using Facebook for professional purpose you must need other security tools and guides to add some additional security.

Secure facebook with 2 step verification

Secure facebook with 2 step verification

Facebook password security is most big issue for everyone. Many of peoples using their brand pages company business and they got hacked by someone by guessing passwords or other stealing ways. So Facebook security is most important.

[jbox color=”yellow”]What Are 2-Step Verification System?[/jbox]

Two step verification system in short way I am telling you its add an extra layer to your password after entering passwords you need to add a kind of approval code that can only access by you, you can generate code with mobile app or mobile number.

Means once you entered password a unique phrases code will be sent your mobile phone once you entered that code you will be able login to account otherwise you have to fill some forms for bypassing or reset it to default.

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How to Activate Facebook Mobile Approval / 2-step Verification

That is not too much hard or don’t need to go for alternate tool this option is available officially.

Step 1 >> Go to your facebook account >> Go to Account Settings >> Security option there you will see option for require mobile approval enabled or disabled if it is disabled click on enable it. And enter your mobile number they will send you unique code for first time verify you are owner of your mobile once you have verified by telling that code. You will be able to enable it.

Secure facebook with 2 step verification

Secure facebook with 2 step verification

Tips: Alse enable ssl or safe browsing and protect yourself from unwanted apps and scam tools. You should also read how to remove unwanted and spam apps from Facebook.

Generate App Password for alternate login like Desktop Messenger

Why we need to generate passwords for example if you installed facebook desktop official messanger or if you use an alertnate facebook connection from anywhere you should generate an temproray password with app code genratore.

You can generate app passwords with 2 ways

  1. From Facebook

Simply go to facebook account setting and security there is option for generating password.

  1. Genrate Password from Mobile

On Mobile app like Android, Windows Mobile, or Iphone you can  generate code on last tab this option will be shows.

Secure facebook with 2 step verification - generate app password

Secure facebook with 2 step verification – generate app password

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Comments (4)

  1. Hey thanks Umer Rock for this wonderful secure post, well i was waiting for this feature to be added on Facebook from months, but still i am not able to see this feature in my account settings, maybe Facebook team is updating this feature and i will soon have this feature enabled for my account, well once again thanks for letting me know.

  2. I use Two-Factor Authentication across a lot of my accounts. I feel a lot more secure when I can telesign into my account with an OTP. I am glad that they offer that option. It is worth the time and effort to have the confidence that your account won’t get hacked and your personal information isn’t up for grabs. It would be nice to see more of the leading companies in their respective verticals start giving their users the perfect balance between security and user experience. I know some will claim that 2FA makes things more complicated, but the slight inconvenience each time you log in is worth the confidence of knowing your info is secure. I’m hoping that more companies start to offer this awesome functionality. To me this should be a prerequisite to any system that wants to promote itself as being secure.


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