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How to Install Windows 8 in Virtual Machine Using VirtualBox Free Tool

Technozan Staff June 17, 2012

Hi Guys I am going to Explain How to install window 8 consumer preview in any Operating system Easily using a tool VirtualBox. All things are absolutely free officially Do you want to try window 8 so this is the best way you don’t need to reinstall your window or don’t need a separate PC install window 8 on virtualbox in your same PC you can operate multiple Windows or other Os like Linux, Backtrack etc. In this Process you will install a virtualbox tool and download ISO image file for window 8 from Microsoft and Boot it into Virtual Box it will create another machine run it. It will star Window 8 in a Box.

install windows 8 in virtual machine using free virtualbox tool


1.Virtual Box Download it Here

2.Window 8 Consumer Preview Download it Here

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How to :

Main Step Create New Virtual Machine

So You Have Downloaded Window 8 Consumer Preview and and Virtual Box and also Note Product Key for Window 8?

Step 1 Install Virtual Box tool into your hard drive i given download link up.

Step 2 >> After Installation open up your Orcal Virtual Box Application and click On New Button a pop up box will open Its all about new welcome to new virtual machine installation wizard click on Next.

Step 3>> Choose a Name For Your virtual machine choose any name but Os type choose window 7 or window 8 in new virtual box application have window 8 option i am using old one by the way old version can choose window 7 os type.

Step 4 >> Select Ram Memory Size for your Machine 512 mb is minimum require for window 8 if you increase it will show better result for window 8 i used 1 Gb its recommended.

Step 5 >> Make Virtual Hard disk for your new virtual machine don’t use existing hard disc make new one Choose Start up and New Hard disk click on Next to continue to installation.

Step 6 >> This is about virtual disc choose VDi Disk Image and continue.

Step 7>> Choose Fixed Size now it will not compromise with your hard disk.

Step 8 >> Rename your hard disk name for example window 8 and choose size for hard disk 20 GB recommended make up to 20  gb hard disk.

Step 9 >> Final step for creation hard disk now its showing summary Click on Create it will start crating .

Its creating your virtual machine wait few minutes until it will not finish.

 In 9 Steps we Created a virtual Machine now we will install window 8 in virtual machine 


 Next Step Installation and Customization Window 8

Step 1 >> Click on Window 8 and click on setting.

Step 2 >> Go to system Setting and in Mother Board see options in the screen shot make setting same like this.

Step 3 >> Go to acceleration and make your options same like as in screenshot Must Enable Vt-x/AMD-v and Enable Nested Paging.

Step 4 >> Go to Storage its important step choose disk image from where you need to install window 8 Your Disk is Empty click on Disk and Choose your ISO image file which you downloaded from Microsoft. and click on ok.

Now all Settings are completed now run or on your window 8 virtual machine it will began start installing.

Make some personal customization and your machine is installed 🙂


Hope You like it feel free to share it with every one.

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