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How is iPhone 5 Different from Android Phones

Technozan Staff February 8, 2013

The vital outstanding difference that abounds between iPhone 5 and Android gadgets is that while these Android gadgets are phones manufacturers by several different mobile device vendors in the conjunction with, or even without the enablement, iPhone 5 is a device that comes under the name of Apple corporation, and under Apple technologies.

When you are trying to figure out the differences, the app users will be the very first one to take into account. Android devices come with a large number of options when it is about the emails as it focuses on all the email platforms for attachment of files in the emails, whereas iPhone 5 simply provides users with the leverage of attaching videos and emails. This normally indicates that PowerPoint and various other office documents cannot be favored in this regard.

The pace at which the mobile industry churns out the latest and quite sophisticated mobile gadgets has kept a large number of users on the edge as it concerns the ones to prefer against one another.

How iPhone is different

If you really are considering getting a phone, specially a Smartphone, there is simply no gainsaying that at some point of time, you will be totally confused as to which one to opt for against another one. On the other hand, the fact is that different users have different requirements in life, and they do not have to answer this to anyone.

Some just opt for Smartphones because of their size, some for sophistications, price, simplicity, utility, entertainment, battery life, superior Internet access, excellent image system and some just prefer the social acceptability or vogue, and some just opt for the elegance or how aesthetic the gadget is.

The differences between the iPhone 5 and Android devices start right from the screen size. The iPhone 5 has a screen size of 4 inches, whereas the Android devices have bigger screen sizes such as the Galaxy Note II  5.5 inches, Galaxy S III is 4.8 inches and Droid RAZR M has a screen size of 4.3 inches. There lies a great difference between the Android devices and the iPhone 5, and this the conclusion to this is that the  standard screen size of the Android devices is larger than the iPhone 5.

Another difference is due to the NFC support. This is a point where the iPhone different from the Android devices. IPhone 5 lacks this feature of instant mobile payment that are inbuilt and inherent in the Android devices. With only a tap on the Android devices, you can make several payments immediately.

The iPhone 5 offers users with a lot of additional beams of icons. This allows users to have a direct access to their tweets by checking out the tweetdeck icon, as well as tapping on it to view the app directly without even scrolling it.

The Android devices make use of the general and ordinary micro USB ports for charging and other features, whereas the iPhone 5 has a feature called as lightening, which is a form of a proprietary connector. Apple offers adapters for other utilities whereas Android devices do not.
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