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Get Tab Exploring in Folders Explore – Open Folders as Tabs Look

Technozan Staff October 26, 2012

Get Tab Exploring & Browsing in Folders Explore – Open Folders as Tabs views make your exploring experience better. Bookmark your folders and quick open them.

Have you ever take experience of tab browsing? as inFirefox and Google chrome or any browsers you can see tabs side by side a different web page, what if you set your folders as tab views.

It will be better to manage folders I have an example for you. May you had use internet explorer 6 in windows xp that have no tabs browsing it open every page in new windows or same windows but tabs make smart browsing and exploring anything so in default windows xp & windows 7 have not installed this kind of feature so we have an alternate app that help you to make you folder exploring as tabs.

Browsing & Exploring Folders as Tabs

Browsing & Exploring Folders as Tabs

Which Program is it? And how it works?

A program with the Name Clover is awesome alternative windows tool that work perfect on any windows just need to download and install it, installation is simple and common. Once you installed it on windows you can open any windows explore you can see tab viewing for example you can open my computer explore or any folder drive.

Note: If not works after installation kindly restart your computer system.

How to Setting up?

Step 1 >> Download it here >> After download install it on your computer.

Step 2 >> simply install it, if need than reboot your system otherwise skip rebooting.


You can bookmark your favorite tabs for faster improve or faster open you can make bookmarks or bookmark folders. Or save your most opening folders quick open shortcuts easily.

Browsing & Exploring Folders as Tabs

Browsing & Exploring Folders as Tabs

Some Cool Keyboard Shortcuts:

better and faster through your tabbed folders.

Shortcuts Description
Ctrl + N Open a new Clover window.
Ctrl + T Open a new tab.
Ctrl + W Close current tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T Re-open last closed tab.
Ctrl + D Bookmark current folder.
Ctrl + Shift + D Place all opened tabs into a bookmarked folder.
Ctrl + Tab Switch to next tab.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to previous tab.
Ctrl + Shift + B Enable or disable bookmark bar.

These are shortcut keys that most users know intuitively.

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