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General Business Tips: Growing Your Student Base

Technozan Staff August 1, 2017

Are you looking to start teaching lessons out of your home? Do you need to know how to establish and grow a student base from scratch? If so this is the article for you!

Whether you are looking to teach karate, yoga, or violin, these tips and tricks are sure to help you find and retain new students. Not only will this help your business grow, but it could eventually help you make a living doing what you love.

Make Your Business Accessible

First and foremost, you need to ensure people can find you and your business. After all, if nobody knows about your lessons, it isn’t likely that people will sign up for them.

The first place most people look to find information about classes in a given area is the internet. Therefore, that is the first place you should establish yourself as a business.

By building a high-quality website you show people that you are a professional who takes your business seriously. Other helpful ways of making your business accessible include 1) making your email address and phone number easy to find, and 2) creating business social media accounts.

Make Use of Social Media

Those social media accounts we mentioned above? You are going to need to put them to use if you want them to work. Fortunately, social media is easy enough to use. Additionally, it is incredibly effective when it comes to spreading the word about something new.

By keeping up with your social media accounts and posting on a regular basis, you will help people get to know you. Additionally, these individuals will remember you the next time they are looking for a teacher for their little ones. Best of all, social media makes it incredibly easy for people to share their excitement about your business with friends.

Not sure what to share on your business social media accounts? Consider finding blog posts that relate to your business and sharing those. Other options include videos of your students (or of others performing your specialty), as well as blog posts written specifically for your business.

Be Active in the Community

If you teach a performance art, be sure to take your students to perform at community events. If you teach a visual art, enter your students’ work into local competitions or shows. Offer free seminars and workshops at local community centers, schools, and libraries. Do whatever you can to be active in your community.

By doing these things, you will build up a reputation within your community. This will ensure people think of you when considering lessons for their children and themselves, ultimately helping your student base grow.

Gather Information Quickly

When you are offering free events, be sure to have an easy way to get the contact information of participants. By gathering basic contact info, you will have the ability to follow up with workshop participants and seminar attendees to find out their thoughts on the event and ask if they might want to continue their education with you.

One of the best ways to gather this information is through an electronic device. Apps made specifically for checking people in and gathering information are ideal for this purpose, and will make the whole process go a lot more smoothly.

These are just some of the ways to get the word out about your lessons. By using these tips and adding some of your own ideas into the mix, we are confident you’ll have a thriving business in no time at all.

Who knows? Maybe a few years from now you will have to hire an assistant to help you get all your work done.

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