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Technozan Staff October 6, 2012

The internet has changed many aspects of life today. The ways in which we obtain information, conduct business, communicate as well as entertain ourselves have seen changes thanks to the increased capabilities provided to us through the internet and mobile phones. Today one of the major ways in which people interact with one another is via various social media sites. Perhaps the most popular of these are Facebook and Twitter, and gaming has seen some significant changes thanks to social media sites like these.
In the past when people enjoyed their favourite casino games at an online casino, the activity solely occurred at a site such as Ladbrokes. Click here to visit their site. However, games can now be accessed through social media sites like Facebook resulting in more and more people not only playing them but also talking about them. Before social media sites, gamers primarily were isolated playing single player games. Social media sites provide a vehicle to allow discussion about various gaming topics between gaming enthusiasts.

Social gaming is become one of the more predominant uses of sites such as Facebook, which allows users to compare scores with one another. It also allows them to talk about various games as well as online casino sites. Give the high link between socialization and online casino gambling it should be of little surprise how popular the topic of online gambling is within social media. People are using this medium to connect with others regarding their favourite casino games and sites.

Online casinos provide users with opportunities to interact with one another using tools such as chat rooms and message boards. However, social media sites have made the topic of online casino gambling a popular discussion point away from the specific online casino site, and have even started to involve people who don’t usually or have never gambled. Could we see online casinos linked up with these social media sites in the future? It seems like in today’s world, anything is possible!

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