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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 4S Drop Test – Which one is more durable?

Olawale Daniel August 30, 2012

Many reviewers have been time and again compared the leading smartphones in the market. However, in order to truly ascertain the contenders of today, Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 4S, we will have to take testing to a whole new level. But firstly, here is something that is absolutely important that we tell you before beginning with the test –

Firstly, while Samsung Galaxy SIII has completely changed the smartphone segment, the iPhone 4S hasn’t quite changed the line up. Infect, it looks and operates like the iPhone 4, which Apple released a couple of months earlier.

While Apple hasn’t quite taken a lot of chances in the later period owing to the success of the iPhone segment, it has in a way, lost the technology race to Samsung. This company has released some of the most stunning smartphones for its audience in the past one year.

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Samsung Galaxy s3 vs Iphone4s

Samsung Galaxy s3 vs Iphone4s


The exterior of Apple iPhone 4S is markedly different from the Samsung Galaxy SIII. While the iPhone 4S has a look that is slowly and steadily becoming boring, the GS3 has a futuristic design and easily dwarfs the iPhone 4S by miles. Right from the time pictures of iPhone 4S came out, we were sure that the model needed some serious re-work. Unfortunately, folks at Apple thought the better of it and have stuck to the same look and feel for the new model, barring the software update and of course, SIRI.

Galaxy S III has an immense advantage over the iPhone. Some of the features that make the Galaxy far outrun the iPhone are the display size of 4.8 inch along with the LTE compatibility. Also the NFC chip along of course, the Android OS has made this phone absolutely customizable. This, coupled with Verizon’s network has the power to completely change your smartphone experience.


So, where does the Galaxy SIII fall behind despite having some of the most stunning features? Well, it doesn’t come with Android 4.1. It still runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, it’s way better than the Gingerbread and allows you to implement all those Android Tips and Tricks.  However, we’d have been floored had Samsung released this model with a whole new model. Another important area that we need to focus on is the fact that Samsung still banks on its silly UI design.

[Note]Has Apple turned a blind eye?[/Note]

There have been many Apple users who have openly showed their frustration at the company at not paying heed to their demands of having a whole new design. What has frustrated us is Apple’s complete ignorance to the competition which has caught up with leaps and bounds. If you are thinking about getting a radically new iPhone 5, then you may be in for disappointment. Apple has shown less interest in radically changing the design and we doubt it will ever with the new model.

[Note]Actual Daily usage: Who will win?[/Note]

●       When it comes to daily usage, the Samsung Galaxy SIII will easily outperform the Apple iPhone 4S. There are a number of reasons for the same –

●       Galaxy S3 has removable battery, a powerful one at that. If you are thinking about daily usage, then the high powered battery of 2100mAh will completely win over the 1418 mAh battery that the iPhone comes with.

●       When it comes to internal RAM, Samsung Galaxy SIII again wins the round. Even though iPhone comes with a dense pixel ratio, those using SIII won’t really find it to be that inconvenient.

●       A 3.5 times faster CPU clock speed of the Galaxy SIII will give you a stutter free performance.

●       Apple just wins over Samsung owing to the body size and the internal memory. Well, Samsung has an external microSD card slot.

So, regardless to say, Samsung wins the round hands down.

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  1. I overhead a rumor that the European version of Samsung Galaxy S3 has more features/possibilities than the American version possibly caused by the Apple-Samsung tussle but am not sure.

    Can someone please confirm to me if this is true as its critical for me to know this before ordering the phone online.

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