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Facebook Invite all friends & Select all friends at once 10 Best Chrome extensions

Technozan Staff October 21, 2012

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Here is the Best Collection of invite all friends to Facebook fan page chrome extensions in my previous content may you did not understand or publisher shutdown the services I collected some more extensions collection my previous tutorial was Toggle All Facebook. As well now it does not work.

Invite all friends & Select all friends at once 10 Best Chrome extensions

Invite all friends & Select all friends at once 10 Best Chrome extensions

You can also try on Firefox : Select all friends with Fb Puttie

[jbox color=”yellow”]#1. Facebook Invite All Subrange[/jbox]

Adds an “toggle subrange” friends button to Facebook groups, events and pages

Adds a “Toggle subrange” friends button to facebook groups, events, and pages invite boxes, which lets you select subranges of your friends in one click.

There are reasons to believe that facebook is blocking mass invites to more that 4000 friends or so. With this extension you can invite friends in groups of thousands in such a manner to send invites with delays. When you send invites to first thousand you make a pause. After a few minutes or the whole day send to the next thousand. Just remember where you stopped 🙂


– First input box is starting position

– Second input box is count

– click “toggle subrange” to toggle selection!

[jbox color=”yellow”]#2. Facebook Invite All Friends Pro[/jbox]

Facebook Invite All Friends PRO – If you have lots of friends to invite to events or page suggestions,  you have most likely grown tired of clicking over and over again on each person that you want to invite. We all know what a pain it is to include a bunch of people from your friends list whenever you plan an event.

First: Create an event, then click on a whole bunch of people, sit there and click, and click, and click…Well click no more we made this extension to save you time.

[jbox color=”yellow”]#3. Auto Select All Facebook friends[/jbox]

This version works with the most recent changes made by Facebook! Make sure to update to version 3.0 and restart your browser for changes to take effect.

This extension will add a “Select all friends” button to the top of the invitation dialog. Simply push the button and it will automatically scroll to the bottom of your friends list and select each friend for you.

Compatible with:

– Facebook Events

– Facebook Fan Pages

[jbox color=”yellow”]#4. Facebook Friend Inviter[/jbox]

Selects all your facebook friends for sending mass invites to events.

Just go to your event page, and when the “Invite Friends” dialog pops up, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list, and then click the Facebook Friend Inviter icon in the chrome extensions area.


[jbox color=”yellow”]#5. Facebook Invite All or Some Friends[/jbox]

Social networking has made it leaps and bounds easier to wrangle up our friends for events; however, there is one thing that the networks fail enormously at, and that is providing interfaces that allow us to select all or many of our friends at once. This application sets out to solve this problem by modifying the Facebook interface directly.

#6. Facebook Select All

This extension select all friends automatically.

#7. Invite All just One Click

invite all your friends to a Facebook event. Also works with the invite to like your Facebook page dialog.

#8. Facebook Select All Social

Do you want to invite all your Facebook friends and you are bored to select them one by one?

Now you can use Facebook Select All to do this with just one click!

For best results, slide the sidebar of the open window where you select your friends until you reach the end of the list. This is needed for the browser to load the whole friends’ list.

Spam more comfortably! 😛

#9. Facebook Invite All Cat

 Invite all cater is also a bit better chrome extension i were personally tested this one.

More Coming Soon.

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