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Facebook Dislike Feature – Add Dislike Button in Facebook

Technozan Staff August 16, 2012

Adding a Dislike button to Facebook Comments images or everywhere many of peoples using this extension you should also use this and get notified your victim to you dislike his pic or comment any thing, it is not difficult to add into Facebook it is simply a chrome extension which is available on officially chrome web store. if you like something  then you click on like button but what should do if you dislike something on Facebook? Yes then this is great feature to add dislike feature in Facebook.

Its available for Chrome and Firefox Both

[Download] Download & Installing Chrome Extension [/Download]

Step 1 >> Click Here and Add this extension to chrome Once you have added refresh your Facebook a dislike button will be appear on every wall post

[Download] Download & Installing Firefox Extension [/Download]

Step 1 >> Click here to Install this add-on into Firefox once you have installed restart your browser dislike button will be appear on every posts.

Hope You do like Facebook dislike feature ­čÖé Please feel free to comments.

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  1. As u mentioned this is availble for chrome and Firefox..
    Wat if the other person is using something else like Internet Explorer??I mean what he could see that 5 peoples dislike it or not?

    • Why someone will use internet explore if someone using internet explore it seems stupid and he will not be able to use that extension even if he don’t know about firefox and chrome then how he can understand about dislike features hope you understand me dude ­čÖé

      Thank you for Your Comment Keep Visiting our Blog…..


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