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How to Suicide Your Facebook – Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Technozan Staff October 12, 2012

You might be using Facebook as you know Facebook is the world’s famous social network on Internet. It is let you stay connect with your favorite peoples. And you can also promote your business with Facebook.

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[jbox color=”yellow”]What is Difference between Deactivation & Deleting Account?[/jbox]

Deactivation: You deactivate your account when you need to go anywhere temporary and you feel your privacy are not secure or you think your account is not secure or whatever you have to go for exams or studies or any temporary. So deactivate and when you came back you can reactivate It again start using account from there where you left it last time.

Deleting Account: it is permanently work once you deleted your every data will be remove from Facebook server and you can never able to log in or get back your account again, there is many personal reasons for a common users so I am sharing this Facebook feature because officially there is no option in account setting in actual this feature is official but it is on separate help page.


Prepare Your Account Before or For Deleting.

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Manage Apps : May you have assigned to many applications and or you are developer or some important or secret apps you are using first manage for it what you want to do with it here is guide, Remove all unwanted & Spam Apps from Facebook.

Manage Groups & Pages : May be you have owned some pages and groups and using it for business or personal entertainment you must have to prepare it or transfer it to another so you can access it back later.

That advices I given you because after deleting account you feel free. J

Make Backup Before Doing Anything: How to Backup Facebook Account Data

[jbox color=”yellow”]How to Delete Account Permanently?[/jbox]

Here is guide step by step how to delete account permanently buy be careful every step take carefully I am not responsible if you deleted account wrongly…

Here is the Link from there you can delete account :

Delete Facebook Account permanently

Delete Facebook Account permanently

Remember one more time you every data will be lost after deleting. when you go to that link click on Delete my Account then after a mint of processing it will be delete.

How to Deactivate Account Temporary

Go to Account setting >> Security there will be a Deactivate Button press it once you did you will see a new page manage your apps and pages groups there before doing any thing and submit a reason why you are deactivating and press confirm.

Deactivate Account

Deactivate Account

You can reactivate any time when you log in.



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