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8 Ways to Check Links before Open Safe or Not – WebSite Scanner

Technozan Staff September 26, 2012

In the anonymity of the web you wouldn’t trust anyone any one making fun of hacking and spamming virus links anywhere you cannot trust anyone.

If someone share a link with you what you should do? Many of peoples open that link without confirmation and after some time their account get hacked or start spamming some bad links to others.

Security Tips (1)

Security Tips


So here I will tell you some good ways how you can protect your accounts and PC from virus and Trojans. First of all make sure link is secure then open it.

What can be behind a Link?

There can be a lot of bad things like these.

  • worms
  • Trojans
  • scams
  • password stealer
  • cookies hijacker
  • system information cracker
  • and many more fake things

What Kind Of links can be dangerous?

There is many links that seems bad like.

  • short urls
  • Maked urls
  • Hyperlinks behind texts
  • Long links
  • Free hosting subdomains
  • Direct ip address links

Only you are Bodyguard for your PC.

What do you think an antivirus can protect you? No only you are the who would care for your own pc there is most important tips and tutorials about be a Good & Better Bodyguard for Computer Read it here.

So let’s start and check what is behind a link? Link is secure or not?  Check Links before Open

[jbox color=”yellow”]#1 Google Safe Browsing[/jbox]

Check websites with Google safe browsing if site is bad or blacklisted google will show it as spam otherwise site will not be listed in Google Webmaster Tool.

The Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic tool was released quite a few years back. Google shows only verified site in safe browsing it does not matter if shows up in search engines.

How to check with it?

Just Enter the website url after “=” and hit enter you will be able to check stat.


Security Tips (2)

Security Tips

[jbox color=”yellow”]#2. Unshorten.It[/jbox]

It is an awesome web site that unshort any hidden link for you. If you are facing some shorten url or link or someone shared with you ad short link and you worried if is it scam or bad link so this is the best solution you have to put your short url there and you can unshort it or check what is behind a url.

Security Tips (3)

Security Tips

[jbox color=”yellow”]#3. SiteInspector Comodo[/jbox]

Siteinspector is the one of the greatest site that generates better security safety information about a website or blog it generates a complete stat how site is save and able to open or not.

Reports for

Security Tips (4)

Security Tips

[jbox color=”yellow”]#4. onlinelinkscan[/jbox]

This is Free online link scanner and fast that analyze a domain from multiple security network like PhisTank, Google Safe Browsing and much more and insure that thread found or not.

Security Tips (5)

Security Tips

[jbox color=”yellow”]#5. UrlVoid[/jbox]

URLVoid is a web reputation scanner that analyzes a website address with multiple reputation engines (around 30) and domains blacklists, such as Google SafeBrowsing, Norton SafeWeb and MyWOT to detect any potentially dangerous website.

Security Tips (6)

Security Tips

[jbox color=”yellow”]#6. PhishTank[/jbox]

Phish Tank  is a web page analyzer and it shows that web page is safe or phishing or hidden scams behind the link. So you have to put url manually there and it will show you result what is an actual Page.

Security Tips (7)

Security Tips

[jbox color=”yellow”]#7. VirusTotal[/jbox]

Virus total is a famous online tool for scan for virus files and other things but now a new tool is for scanning web sites and url. Some time you might be need to sign up there.

Security Tips (8)

Security Tips

[jbox color=”yellow”]#8. Use any Proxy[/jbox]

If you don’t know what to do and web site open is compulsory than you can use any proxy channel to open a site it will protect your ip address and cookies here is my own proxy server you can use it. Proxy.

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