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Backtrack 5r3 Released – Ready to Download Now

Technozan Staff August 14, 2012

Now it’s time to change the backtrack previous backtrack 5r2 was released at 1st march 2012 with many new security tools and features but now a new version has been came with a lot of powerful security essential tools. Building, testing and releasing a new Backtrack revision is never an easy task.Keeping up-to-date with all the… Continue Reading »


Top10 Tips To Secure Computer & Accounts From Hackers, Virus, Torjons and Malware Worms

Technozan Staff August 5, 2012

There is many beginners and newbies who just start using pc and do some bigger mistakes always and because of them their family members have to face pc problems, the do mistakes and after told to other friends ( Plz install window on my PC) blah blah, but some experience or qualified persons 1st read… Continue Reading »


Norton Password Manager Identity Safe, Free To Download

Technozan Staff April 26, 2012

Norton Password Manager Identity Safe, Free To Download Norton has released a new password manager by the name of Identity Safe, which aims to create and store all your logins and passwords securely. The service is a straight competitor to services such as open source KeePass. While eventually the app will cost money, Norton is offering… Continue Reading »

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