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General Business Tips: How Can You Use Social Media Management Tools In Your Business?

Technozan Staff July 31, 2017

The importance of social media for advertising and marketing strategies has certainly grown over the past few years, as well as the popularity of the social media management tools. It is so important, now more than ever, to use the best social media management tools that will allow your business to excel. Many business owners understand the… Continue Reading »


Facebook Introduces Verfied Page Ownership Sign

Technozan Staff May 30, 2013

Facebook Introduces Brand New Update, Now Real profiles will be shown as verfied profiles, as far we know there is lots of peoples who make pages, or fan pages with same name, and they grow also unofficial pages, so difficult to analyse real page, So Now this time facebook updated very great role for actres… Continue Reading »


Download a Creative Cover for Your Facebook Timeline

Technozan Staff March 6, 2013

It has perhaps been a long time in coming, but a new project has come up with a much easier way in which to download and create your own creative covers for your timeline. The Facebook cover maker project to which I am referring has called itself Make a Cover for Facebook. It remains to… Continue Reading »


How to Delete Bulk Facebook Messages with Fast Message Deleter [Sunday Tips]

Technozan Staff February 4, 2013

are you tired to delete a lot of messages? here is an awesome tip you can delete all messages at once here i have a very useful extension that help you to delete all of messages at once. Facebook is very famous world famous social networking company you can use it for stay connect with… Continue Reading »


How to Control Notifications Emails From Social Networks

Technozan Staff January 10, 2013

May be you receiving ton of notifications from social websites and you want to control it or irritating with email notifications because if someone receive thousands emails from social networking sites may be he / she will lose to read some important mails so every one must need to controls social networking notifications emails. it… Continue Reading »


Share Any Web Image to your Facebook Wall [Sunday Tips]

Technozan Staff January 8, 2013

Many of you peoples use facebook for just social network and want to stay connect with peoples and daily update new posts so here is a best trick for you because some users post daily pictures many kind of pictures some peoples post from google or website but first they download a picture than they… Continue Reading »


How to Update your Facebook Status as Your Own Name (Sunday Tips)

Technozan Staff December 23, 2012

Here is a best this weak Sunday tip how to update your status as your own name for example if you post something on your wall but you want to update to show it more impressive for example This person posted this 12 hours go Via Technozan so this Technozan name is an app that… Continue Reading »

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