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How to Add Email Attachment from Dropbox to Yahoo (Updated)

Technozan Staff April 3, 2013

Dropbox is famous cloud program, that allow you to host all kind of your data unlimited, but for free users they provide more than 100 GB Free Space. Today Join Dropbox and Get 18+ Gb Instantly, Well Yahoo updated latest feature in attachment, now you can write Email + Add attachment from dropbox to yahoo,… Continue Reading »


WordPress Backup Guide – How to WordPress Backup

Technozan Staff December 27, 2012

Wordpress backup is very important because there is tone of issues that can destroy your blog because of some little mistakes even some usually using plugins can damage blog scripts once damaged a normal user are unable to fix it then blogger have to pay money to some master for fixing errors. So you should… Continue Reading »


How-to Backup Facebook & Instagram Photos to Dropbox

Technozan Staff November 4, 2012

Picbackman made easy to backup your photos, now you can backup all your online stored photos into dropbox easily like photos stored in picasa, flickr , instagram, Facebook, and many other famous photo sharing site backup from all site to dropbox easily dropox is a tool which provide you online space for backing up your file and store… Continue Reading »


How to Send Email attachments direct to your Dropbox Account

Technozan Staff October 19, 2012

May you have heard about dropbox it is most famous Cloud technology provider as you know cloud service give us hosting space that work very fast and sync all files with computer. You can Sync all your dropbox account files with your mobile & PC it was a brief introduction about Dropbox Cloud services there… Continue Reading »


Upload Files from Dropbox to Facebook Group Remotely

Technozan Staff September 30, 2012

What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a famous cloud services provider on internet you can get upto 18 GB Free Space from dropbox. So join dropbox and get 20 GB Free Space, Dropbox provide some clients for windows and mobile devices so you can sync your all of files with cloud hosting. Dropbox with Facebook Now… Continue Reading »


How to Secure Dropbox Account & Data- Enable 2 Step Verification

Technozan Staff September 8, 2012

Dropbox & Google Drive Security Enable two step verification System You might be familiar to cloud hosting services. Google Drive and Dropbox the world’s famous great cloud services provider they are the #1 who provide 100% free of hosting space Google drive provide almost 5 GB free space with cloud service and Dropbox provide up… Continue Reading »


How to Remote Files Upload to Dropbox – Quick Upload

Technozan Staff August 10, 2012

Upload your larger files more than 25 mb to dropbox it. this is very cool tip to store files online without having high internet speed sometimes peoples need to download larger files and they may have not time or not high speed internet so they worried about the file if it wll be deleted tomorow,… Continue Reading »

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