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Best Mobile Games for Android and IPHONE – Top 10 Mobile Games

Technozan Staff February 3, 2013

Best Mobile Games

Here is best collection of Top and best Android and Iphone mobile Games. The most using android games you must be feel happy and glad to play these games but I hope many of you already played these games. I also played all of these gamed and ended. I am hungry waiting to release a new part of any one games because once I play a good game and end that so I wait for new release.

1. Temple Run

May you heard about this game already it is world famous mobile game and games lover love to play this game and want to complete the competition of this game. This game has really brilliant completions I almost played this game one month and very difficult to complete all challenges. If you think a 12 years old guy can play this game very difficult.

About Game: A Boy goes to a unique jungle and he have to come out from the jungle and he ran and collect coins and use power ups to complete run, a big Gorilla want to eat the boy and also ran behind the boy. Longest run and biggest coins collection makes records.

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2. Angry Birds

Best Mobile Games - Angry Birds

Angry Birds? What you think angry peoples should play it? No it is only a game in actually this is best and most played game every for Time pass a small kid and young, old peoples also play this game.

You will love to play this game, whenever you get bored must try out this game on your handset this game will pass your time easily and also will have fun.

This game has a lot of parts you can check on iTunes and Android Play Store

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3. Temple Run 2

Best Mobile Games - Temple Run 2

As I explained before about this game the temple run 2 game is most advance more than part one it has more features powerups and more challenges.

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4. Subway Surfers

Best Mobile Games - Subway Surfers

Very Advance and beautiful game but it is also very hard game this game also related to temple run game category. A boy run and collect coins and also make records. Mostly iPhone lovers peoples play this game as I saw on ITunes Store has a lot of reviews and comments about this game peoples like it very much and I also hope you will like this.

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5. Lost Temple II

Best Mobile Games - Lost Temple II

The same with most running game, you need to control your character to escape from a mysterious rainforest temple!
The difference is that you will use 3D third person view to overcome various difficulties and obstacles and get as many scores as possible!

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6. Highway Riders

Best Mobile Games - HighWay Riders

Do you like Riders Games? This is very famous and graceful bike riding Game you in this game you will have a bike and you have race with others and complete challenges and also you would have different characters and power boost compatibilities.

For IPHONE | For Android

7. Drag Racing

Best Mobile Games - Drag Racing

This is one of another Racing game as I explained before about Riders Games but in previous game it was a Biker but now in this game it is a Car Racing game with a lot of difficult and good Roads competitions. You would like to play this game also.

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8. Ant Spam

Best Mobile Games - Ant Smasher

I think you hate Mosquito very much because some time they bite you and you get angry Coz you can infected with many kind of physical problems. But with this game you can take revant to mosquito, you will be a revenger in this game, you can kill them and make a good record this game has a lot of levels and rounds you have to complete all and you will make a unique record. In this Game you have to kill Mosquito by touch on them but be care full there is also others animals don’t kill them otherwise you will lose the round.

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9. 3D Bowling

3D Bowling - Best Mobile Games

Bowling game, have you ever tried bowling game in a club or sport center? May be many of you have not played yet this game live. But you can understand the bowling game and bowling games scores methods in this game this is also very useful game you would love to play this also may be after playing this game you will go to a club for check yourself how much you learned from mobile game.

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10. Building Tower

This is awesome game you have to build a big tower in this game, the big tower will gives you a big score and big rank slowly slowly this game will go fast there is many different methods in this game.

This game is also available for Symbian mobiles you have to search it on Nokia OVI Store or any other store which you using.

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