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Microsoft Surface Tablet Review – Price, Specs & Release date

Umar Satti August 24, 2012

  Microsoft Surface is a new generation device its in-between Tablets and Ultrabooks and running on latest Windows version,Windows 8. Surface tablet will be released in two distinct models. The first running on Windows RT and it will have a ARM CPU, which is a light version of windows 8.The Tablet will be a lower… Continue Reading »


Top5 Free Photo Watermark Software

Umar Satti August 21, 2012

In today’s internet world  it is important for you to protect your content from plagiarism and it is noticed that the images are copied more often than the content. So everyone wants to protect its photos from the thieves,to save your photo content from thieves your best option is watermarking your photos.This can be useful to protect your content… Continue Reading »


Facebook Shortcut Keys for Firefox & Google Chrome

Umar Satti August 20, 2012

Use of Shortcut Key is of great importance, you can use shortcut keys to increase your productivity and accomplish tasks quickly. By the use of keyboard instead of mouse makes your job done easy and fast. I am sharing some Facebook shortcut Keys that you can use on your Chrome or Firefox browser. These keys… Continue Reading »


Top5 Free Tools to Increase Game Speed – Boost Games Speed Fast

Umar Satti August 19, 2012

Gaming Speed is the main issue with the gamers now a days, Every day there is a new game out in the market that requires high hardware to run it smoothly. This is it not possible for you to increase your Gaming hardware frequently so the option your are left with is increase your game… Continue Reading »


Top5 Chrome Extensions to Take Screenshots

Umar Satti August 18, 2012

Screenshot is a important piece of data that can resolve your problems and explain the situation. Can provide you a solution to your issue.In most cases you have to point some one out about the issue and screen shot is the best thing that the others can understand in a one go. Chrome is the… Continue Reading »

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