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6 Cool iPhone 5 Apps That Help your Website Grow

Technozan Staff October 13, 2012

Putting up your own website can be an exciting venture especially if you want to create a business out of it. Even without having to sell any product or service, you can turn your website into one of the most popular websites in that niche through the help of various iPhone apps that will boost your followership and quality visitors. Here’s a look at the cool iPhone apps that will help your website grow and flourish considerably.


Since most people now use an iPhone, it is very easy to promote your website by using it. A useful app to download is the Facebook app that you most likely use regularly as well. Since billions of people access Facebook, promoting your website here gives it that extra edge to gain readership and so much more. So when people pick up the information you post on Facebook and get redirected to your website’s link, you’re able to get in the business easily.


TwitBit is an iPhone app that works primarily as Twitter but with all the advanced features you can possibly ever wish for. By using the app, you are able to build a network and reach your subscribers rather directly and this makes it easier for you to know their needs, what they want, what they expect and what they don’t necessarily like about your website. Since your subscribers will tweet you, you can also interact with them which is crucial to promoting a website.


Another great way to build your professional network is through the use of LinkedIn. You can simply download the app and use it as you would use your Facebook app but this one is more focused on business contacts and people who might be crucial to creating a business out of your website.


As a geo-applications app, Foursquare is primarily used by people to explore cities and frequent different websites or businesses. By doing so and only through the use of the iPhone, people are also rewarded for checking out a specific website regularly and the goal is to make this website, your website.


Yelp is another geo-applications app that allows for you to check in at specific cities and businesses. Here you can create a network and join threaded conversations between people and about specific businesses. Share your knowledge and it will really pay off in the end by making your website well known throughout the process.

Create Your Own iPhone App

If you are really serious about promoting and growing your website, then you can also create your own iPhone app if you have the creative process for it. There are a lot of programs you can use to create your app without any charge like SeattleClouds so in the end, you get your own app, grow your website, and enjoy the entire process while you’re at it.

Now that you know these different iPhone apps that can help grow your website, download them now and see how they change your life!
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