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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy China Tablets Devices

Technozan Staff July 18, 2012

In my Previous post about tablet i posted about Windows 8 Tablets and Nexus 7 Android Jelly bean tablet, now i am going to explain Why you should not buy a china company tablets if these tablets are cheap then why cheap and what’s the worth, i given up to 5 reasons below with explanation what are bad things in Chinese tablets and why you should not buy it.

100 Times think before buying a China company’s tablets.

1. Stolen design

The Chinese tablets have totally stolen design when any Asus or Samsung company launch new tablet in market or if they display the design Chinese companies start copying that, they stole design and make cheap prices tablets and it is illegal source.

2. illegal license Software

Chinese Tablets use illegal and stolen or theft license software like they used android 2.3 and 4.0 and 4.1 jellybean on new chinese tablets even they don’t have officially license for the use Google Android software to their tablets

3.No software updates or access to Play Store

there is not option in android software for regular or free updates, and no choice to update from market if new apps ill release it would work only on new version if you have old version your couldn’t update your version and your tablet is wasted, instead if you buy Good company tablet like Asus 810, Nexus 7, or Samsung then it would be better choice you can update regularly and can access every thing.

And there is also no access to official android market or Google play store, there is some new chinese tablete who are offering google play store access, but it is limited access because Chinese android tablet can’t be updates so its waste

4.Bad display & touch input

The Chinese tablets have many size of screen resolution and secreen size they show 10″ screen size but screen size is 10″ actual but resolution or display size will be 8′” , and color schemes are also bad quality and low colors.

And About touch , touch system is too much bad and hard, we have to press finger with much power on screen bad touch input.

5.Low Ram and Big Storage

Mostly Chinese tablets have 128 Mb ram or 256 mb but they provide storage 8 Gb or 16 Gb the 8to16 Gb storage need big ram other wise tablet will hanging out it will work too much slow.

6.Bad and Low Quality battery Cell

Chinese tablets have almost 2100 mAh battery cell and you know how much it will give you battery time ? in starting it will give you 2+ hour but when you ill install some Android Apps and Games it will give you less than 1 hour battery time.

7.Bad or Fake Specification Display

They Given Fake Specification on Display many of sites just copying pasting specification they even don’t know what is the actual specification if Chinese can make theft and stolen license tablets then they can not display fake description ? Interesting you can understand what i am trying to say or what i have to mean. ­čśŤ

8. Low resale value

If You will go for buy a Chinese Tablet its prices range starting from almost 125+$ to 400$ if you will buy a tablet for 200$ then you keep it in your mind you wouldn’t able to sale it in market its have 0% value in market they can buy it for 50$ or less it , only you can sell it like faking or fooling someone.

9. No Warranty Issue or Claim

No Warranty and no Grantee mostly tablets go dead 1st day , because it is made on very low quality base if it will damage or gone dead then your money is wasted .

10. Heating up quickly

When ever you will start a playing game it will heat up quickly because it dose not have big ram so it’s processor will heat up and can be dead in time.

And many more things which are not built in Chinese tablets, like Some Chinese Tablets have not Speakers and some tablets have not built in Bluetooth and some tablets have not GSM sim card support etc.

So becareful while

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      • Android is a free open source OS. Anyone can use it or manufacture products based on it. And there are only some many ways you can design a rectangular tablet. Apple sucks for suing Samsung.

        Google play store can be easily accessed. I have used several of these tablets. Youtube a few and u will know

        Specs are good for the price they sell at. Dual Core IPS 720p Display HDMI Out Expandable Memory….. at 150$? Insane right but they are real.

        There one coming out based on quad core Samsung Exymos processor (same as Galayxy S3)

        But there are some issues which are ironed out through regualr updates. And not all manufactures are worth you money. Ainol, Cube are good ones


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