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3 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Dental Practice

Technozan Staff February 22, 2017

Many cloud computing providers will deliver your business applications online. These applications are accessed from one of your web browsers and your data and your customer’s data will be stored on a server in a remote location. We shop online, pay our bills online, book hotels, make travel plans, etc. All of these transactions include personal information that is transmitted through the cloud.

Dental technology is constantly progressing and moving forward for the better. The time has arrived for you to start considering making changes to your dental practice. It is time for you to think about moving away from your traditional dental practice strategies and management tools and start managing your dental practice in the cloud.

In the dental world, you will always be battling for new patients. In many communities, you will have a few dentists competing for an endless number of patients. The dental practice that has the perfect management strategies and the perfect branding strategies will ultimately be the deciding factors.

Consider these following things:

  • Patients will think the dentist who is located in the better building will have the better services.
  • Patients will think the dental office who has nicer employees will provide them with a better dental experience.
  • The dentist who has updated technology and dental tools will probably see the most patients.

1. Switching To The Cloud

Curve Dental has been a major part of the dental industry since it was first introduced. Curve Dental offers your dental practice a cloud solution that is HIPAA-compliant. One of the greatest things about Curve Dental is that you will have the ability to create a package that fits all the needs of your dental practice. Curve Dental offers extra packages that will give you the ability to remind your patients of their appointments, set up online portals, and allow patients to make payments online. All of these features will take place in the cloud.

2. Dental Health Applications

According to an article from PwC Health Research Institute’s, the adoption of health-related mobile applications doubled in two years. A significant number of consumers admitted to having at least one health-related mobile application on their phone.

When you visit the App Store on any one of your mobile devices, you will find a variety of applications that will cater to a variety of audiences. Although mobile applications may be new to many in the dental practice, they will be one of the defining factors when it comes to engaging patients now and into the future.

There has been a fast growth in the terms of development, and it is important that you take the time to invest in a first-class mobile agency. When people think of mobile apps, one of the first things that come to many people’s mind is iOS apps. While iOS devices are great, not everyone has an iOS device.

MOZR is a first-class android mobile agency that will give you every opportunity to target mobile users. If you do not have your own in-house development team, let MOZR handle the work for you.


3. Social Media Monitoring

A dental practice that grabs hold of the power of social media will reach a greater audience than it would just by using the traditional dental practice marketing strategies. Unfortunately, not every dental practice understands how powerful social media can be.

Nuvi is a social media monitoring tool that will allow you to keep an eye on all the social media conversations and be able to take immediate action. Nuvi is a real-time visual analytics tool that will give your dental practice to create topics and successfully monitor those topics. You will also be able to monitor specific keywords and compare those keywords against what your competitors are doing.

Every dental practice wants to be able to measure the impact of your advertising and marketing campaigns and the impact that it will have on your potential patients. When you can see the social media interactions in real-time, you will be able to determine what you need to do in order to optimize your messages so you can attract more attention.

Managing your own dental practice is certainly not an easy task, but it is definitely a rewarding one. Managing a dental practice will require you to carefully balance managing your employees and your patients without having to work too many hours in the day. The workload that you take on during each day within your practice will vary from the businesses that are not a part of the healthcare industry.

A dentist wants to deliver outstanding service to everyone on a daily basis, but he or she will also need to monitor finances, billing, patient engagement, marketing, and a variety of other things that make up a successful and profitable dental practice. If a dental practice does not successfully manage the practice, the penalties that come with not being HIPAA compliant are very high.

In previous years, many dental practices would hire groups of people to handle everything. Fortunately, there are some great tools and resources that your dental practice can use to manage every portion of your dental practice. When you think about what made you want to enter the field of dentistry in the first place, don’t you want to do everything it takes to successfully manage your dental practice?

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