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3 Situations You’ll Be Glad You Have an HDMI to VGA Converter

Technozan Staff May 9, 2013

A HDMI to VGA converter is essential in situations where you need to convert a digital HDMI signal to an analog signal so it can be displayed using an older, VGA-based monitor or projector. Simply connecting the two devices with an ordinary cable will not work as the signal types are incompatible. Instead, you need to purchase and use a converter device, which can effectively convert HDMI signals into VGA signals so they can be shown using your analog display device. Here are three sticky situations that can be resolved using a HDMI to VGA converter.

Your Home Entertainment System

You might experience HDMI/VGA compatibility issues when you set up your home entertainment system. A Blu-Ray player outputs high-definition (HD) digital signals, which contain more detailed information than analog signals so that the picture can be displayed at high definition and the sound quality is crisp. However, if your television set is several years old, it may not be able to receive digital HD signals, which could lead to frustration when you try to watch a movie using your new Blu-Ray player.

Even if you use a HDMI/VGA cable to connect the Blu-Ray player to your TV set, you may still end up with a blank screen as the signals have not been converted into a form that the TV set can understand. You need to use a HDMI to VGA converter, such as the KanexPro HDVGARL HDMI to VGA with Audio converter, which not only converts image signals, but also strips the audio out of the HDMI signal and feeds it into your home entertainment system as a stereo signal. The result is that you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies in surround sound and with crystal clear high-definition images. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and relax.

Giving Presentations at Work

Imagine this nightmare situation: you have spent hours preparing a PowerPoint presentation for work, but when you plug your laptop into the office’s old projector, a compatibility issue means that your slides cannot be displayed. You feel lousy that you have spent so much time on a presentation that no-one can see, and guilty at taking up the IT department’s time as they try to fix the problem for you.

What you need is a portable device that will convert your laptop’s output into VGA format so that the projector can recognize the signal type. These portable HDMI to VGA converters can prevent embarrassment at work and ensure that your presentations always go smoothly, giving you the best possible chance of impressing your boss.

Speaking or Training Events

If you have been called to speak at a prestigious event, or if you are running a training session to pass on your skills, you know that you do not have much time to get your points across. The last thing you need is to have a HDMI/VGA compatibility issue eat into your precious speaking time. Carrying a portable HDMI to VGA converter with you will prevent this issue from arising, allowing you to plug your laptop, tablet, or other device into the venue’s presentation system without worrying about compatibility issues. Freed from these concerns, you can focus on delivering your message to the audience with style and flair.

No matter what the situation, a HDMI to VGA converter can save the day from being ruined by digital to analog compatibility issues. This is one gadget that you need to have to free yourself from technical headaches and make your devices communicate clearly with each other.

Jeremy S is a professional videographer. He loves sharing his tips about video and graphics on design blogs. Click to find out more information about RAM electronics.

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