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3 Cool Ways to Use Video to Promote Your SaaS Product

Technozan Staff March 29, 2017

Videos are notorious for capturing attention and generating engagement from your viewers. In fact, videos are creating so much traction on the Internet that studies project that global traffic from videos will make up a whopping 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 (Source: Hubspot)! Now is the time to capitalize on and leverage this tool to increase brand awareness, draw prospects in, and generate sales for your SaaS product.

The good news is there are many useful ways that you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy. By adding more video opportunities (both live and prerecorded) you will establish another channel for people to genuinely connect with your brand and get to know you…building the know, like and trust factor.

Here are three cool tactics to using video to promote your SaaS product:


#1 Host Webinars

Webinars are excellent platforms to delve deeper into the features, benefits, and how-to’s of your product. You can take participants or new customers on a live tour of your software, showing how to fully utilize it for success. Webinars can also be used for ongoing training topics and to discuss industry-related subjects. You will further position your brand as an expert and authority in your niche, bolstering thought-leadership!

Another advantage to hosting regular webinars is that it helps to grow your lead list. You see, with every broadcast, participants must register with their name and email address in order to attend. With list building being a huge piece in marketing, it’s crucial to have as many working tactics necessary to increase your sales funnel. Webinars is a solid strategy to helping you do just that!

Find out what your audience wants to hear more of by conducting short surveys and polls. Collecting data from your customer and social listening tools like Intouch Insight is a great source in finding relevant topics to share on upcoming webinars.


#2 Create Multiple Mini-Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web. The more quality optimized videos you have on your YouTube channel, the more opportunities you create for your audience to find you in search. You also increase your visibility, lead and sales conversions, and engagement.

Actually, after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online (Source: Hubspot). Ninety percent of users say that they find product videos helpful in the decision process. They will also share it with their networks. Videos on YouTube will have a significant impact on your overall business results.

Therefore, use this source to create many short videos to build up your channel. Consider FAQs your customers often have…share each of them on a separate video. Also, highlight your popular software features that solve your market’s most common problems. Broadcast 2-5 minute clips that illustrate how to do a specific task with your software.

When uploading your video, include keywords that your audience is actively searching for. Add them to your title (preferably in the beginning) and sprinkle it naturally throughout your description for better SEO ranking. Finally, leverage professionals at WorkMarket who can edit and convert your short videos into masterpieces that attract people to your content.


#3 Host Live Q&A Sessions with Live-Streaming

Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram Stories are creating massive engagement on social platforms. People are spending 3 times longer watching live videos versus ones that have already been recorded (Source: Social Media Today). Broadcasting live gives viewers the chance to interact with you in real-time and offer feedback for immediate responses.

Use these apps as an opportunity for your audience to ask you questions about your product…live and in living color! You can hold one exclusively for your customers through Facebook groups or invite all your followers to the show. The key is opening the doors for prospects to reach out and connect with your brand. Everyone benefits because you’re offering value by addressing their concerns and the questions that are being asked gives you golden content ideas for future blog posts, videos, and social media content.

Be sure to promote upcoming live-streaming events to your current list and social media followers. Leverage tools like Nuvi to create social campaigns centered on getting people to your live broadcasts.



Videos are killer tools to boosting your SaaS brand exposure online. You can generate the engagement and attraction desired simply by executing a solid video marketing plan. Choose 1-2 of the tactics mentioned and test your results. See what resonates best with your audience and ramp up from there. With consistency, you’ll build a nice vault of video content that drives traffic to your pages, grows your lead list and increases sales.

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